About Us

The Association was founded in Tg.Mureş, in 2000. The name of our Association is derived from HIFA-Austria and HIFA-Hungary, and today they provide spiritual support for our association. The meaning of HIFA is = HILFE FÜR ALLE = HELP FOR EVERYBODY. The HIFA association was founded in Austria in 1971 by Adolph Paster and Dr. Aaron Ekwu, and later established in Hungary in 1995.
Vision: To develop and maintain human dignity without changing fundamental beliefs.
Target group: Adult with disabilities and the chronically ill, children and youth with an underprivileged life.
Domain activities: Social (accredited from 2006 with the scope of granting social services), educational – professional (authorised from 2009 by the Ministry of Work and Education, with certificate for graduating), cultural (Fraternitas: an international evangelism movement – the ill to be the apostle of the ill, this being more authentic).
In 2010 we founded HIFA-RO Publishing.
We organize: different courses, camps, seminars, meetings, etc. Our program aims to integrate into society, to adopt a new mentality in appreciation and reorganization of their independent life without obstacles.
Our greatest plan is the HIFA-Park – a center for taking care and social assistence for persons with disabilities. It will be built in Păcureni.