and he just needs a chance

Lions QB Kellen Moore proves ‘he belongs’ in NFL

Kellen Moore (17) of the Dallas Cowboys callas a play against the Washington Redskins on Jan. 3, 2016, in Arlington, Texas.(Photo: Tom Pennington Getty Images)

MOBILE, Ala. Kellen Moore didn’t get on the field duringhis first three years in the NFL but, pressed into action with the Dallas Cowboys late this season, the former Detroit Lions backup gave his fervent fan base plenty to cheer about.

"He just needed a chance, and he just needs a chance," Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said after Senior Bowl practice Tuesday. "And until you put him out there, you’re not going to know. And I think we found out a lot of things about him that prove that he belongs."

Linehan, aformer Lions offensive coordinator, was instrumental in bringing Moore to Detroit as an undrafted free agent out of Boise State in 2012.

Moore spent that entire season and each of the next two as the Lions’ third quarterbackbut never so much as dressed for a game.

Moore joined Dallas’ active roster after Tony Romo broke his collarbone in a Week 2 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and he made his NFL debut in a 19 16 loss to the New York Jets on Dec. 19.

In two starts this season, Moore threw for 621 yards,three touchdowns and three interceptions. He had 435 yards passing in the Cowboys’ season ending loss to Washington, the seventh best passing day in the NFL this season.

"Kellen did a great job," Linehan said. "We had four quarterbacks play almost 20% of the playtime this year, which is maybe a first. But he really did. His first start was in Buffalo. They got a great defense. We were actually in great position to win the game, and some things didn’t go our way in the fourth quarter. But he played really, really well.

"We had a rough start to our final game, had some turnovers early. The last three quarters that Kellen played, I was really proud. I think he ended up with maybe one of the six best passing days in Cowboys history, or something like that, in a regular season game, as far as yards and production. For your second start, that’s a good start.

"I think we’re excited about his future and moving forward and, now that he’s able to get a good off season and training camp with us, hopefully, will give him a little more of a head start. He was having to come in and adjust a lot of things. He did a great job of that."