Hidden pearls

Hidden pearls – the creations of the disabled appeared in 2005 at Appendix publishing house. HIFA Romania Association is responsible for its apparition.


Dear reader, you are not holding an ordinary book. A special characteristic of this book is that it includes the works of the disabled persons. As we have described in the biographies of the disabled persons, there are among them university graduates, high school graduates and self-educated persons, who because of their wounds have very rarely entered a school. Some of them are with severe handicaps which prevent them from leaving their houses, others are in the care of the state, but they have never benefited from the warmth of a home. (Fall Gizella, part of Foreward)


The names of those whose creations appear in this book:
Csorba István, poetry
Fehér Árpád, paintings
György Alfréd, poetry
Kacsó Lívia-Lídia, poetry
Kelemen Attila, clay models
Kertész Lenke (died in 2010), poetry, educational stories
Mezei Attila, wood sculptures
Nagy Krisztina-Ilona, drawings
Székely Miklós (died 2010), paintings, poetry