About HIFA-Park

Our work for years of experienced activities shows that we can’t stop here because there are disabled people who still live their whole solitary life between four walls, and others can only leave their house in summer. There are cases where one helper is not enough to assist a severely disabled person who is confined to bed, or even to help them to go out. There are those whose parents are old and their future is uncertain. Who will help them? They are placed in old people’s hostels early in their life, which is simply not suitable place for a disabled person.
There are disabled people, who want to work, but it is hard to find employment, and often they find nothing. We have dreamt of a park, (which we would name HIFA-Park) in which we, the disabled people, will always feel at home. This park would assure us accessibility, clean conditions, nourishing food, permanent medical assistance, and cultural and entertainment possibilities. Other people may not realize that disabled people depend on many things just to feel similar to others. Is it a vital importance or luxury?
HIFA-Park would be such a place where disabled people would have comfortable lodging, the possibility of jobs, whilst having a spiritual, cultural and social life. Besides these things HIFA-Park would establish a chance for its inhabitants to recognize their own skills, to live an independent life in society, working together and helping each other. Within the Park, in family type homes, disabled people can live independently with helpers. We would like to build a natural and healthy environment which would ensure accessibility, peace and harmony.
HIFA-Park would have 2 unit buildings: In the centre of the building there would be administrative offices, a library, dining-room, guest rooms, the conference hall, a rehabilitation centre together with medical assistance and the Chapel, where religious services will take place for different religions denominations. There would also be occupational workshops and a sales representative who could sell handiworks. The second unit would consist of houses: one storey family homes for disabled people and their helpers. Taking our needs into consideration, the planning and building of HIFA-Park would create the possibility for this. Are we asking for too much? We are aware that we will not be able to help everybody who needs our support, but we believe that HIFA-Park would ensure disabled people live with human dignity in the future.
For the beginning, we want to offer a home for 75 disabled persons. In order to be able to access European Funding Projects, the Association must come up with 750 000 EUR. You too can help, as all help brings us closer to our aim.