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Thank you for the honour of involving me into this wonderful project! I congratulate you for the idea, perseverance, and for the decision regarding your project. I hope that this idea will not remain in the state of a project and that it will be one day accomplished, as this center is very important. I support you, to have enough power to make this dream come true, as this center, in my opinion is both good and necessary, so that I think of it as a dream. I wish you a lot of health, perseverance and strength to accomplish this noble objective.
Bodó János, Gheorgheni
Joining my pain mates this idea of having a centre for disabled persons would make me very happy. For us it would be very important and calming as regards our future, we knew that there is a place where we would be helped and taken care of. Meanwhile, we would be together supporting each other. I have thought a lot of times what will happen with me once my parents die. I cannot give myself a calming answer. And neither cn I do that to my parents, who are already pensioners when they ask me: What will happen to you son? A shelter where they would be taken care of according to European standards would be necessary to all those who are dependent on another person more than 90%. This project can be done only with help. I believe that there are a lot of people who think of us and help us, each according to his possibilities. I hope that you understand us! God bless you all!
Fehér Árpád, Odorheiu Secuiesc
Dear friend! I know that our project may seem to daring but all the signs show us that there is a great need for its realisation. Is it a daring dream, as we can see that the costs necessary for the realisation of the project are far beyond our possibilities? Maybe! However, I feel and I believe that someone who managed to multiply 2 pieces of fish and 5 loaves of bread to give food for more than 5000 people, that Somebody, can make a miracle through YOU, you that are going to be next to us, supporting us for realising a thing that for many is of vital importance: a place where you can feel like home, in a community, and yet independent. Thank you for receiving my words with an open heart and that you are going to help us according to your possibilities.
Simon Judit-Gy., Tg-Mureș