SMS Campaign


SMS Campaign between 15th September 2013 – 15th March 2014

The HIFA-Romania Association organized a second campaign for the construction of the HIFA-Park in Păcureni, which could offer a home, where care and support would be available, permanently (secure housing) or temporarily (respiro), for people with disabilities living in Mureş county. This Park would also bring employment for them.

If you want to donate, you can send a SMS with value 2 EUR on on the SMS number 8845. The message text is: HIFA PARK.

The campaign it is organized with the help of COSMOTE ROMANIA, ORANGE ROMANIA and VODAFONE ROMANIA.


The results of the collection action between 15th October 2012–1st October 2013

The first SMS campaign (15th October 2012-14th January 2013) and other grants brought us the following results: 73325,94 RON from SMS, 48229,20 RON from juridical persons (companies, NGOs), 4895,40 RON from physical persons, 12394,60 RON from church collections, 16782, 00 RON from brick tickets. These make up a total amount of 155827,14 RON (35415,25 EUR, 1EUR=4.4 RON).


With a simple text message you can donate 2 EUR!

The 2 EUR donations can be made by those who pay monthly bills and those who use prepaid services as well. This is possible with the assistance of the following networks: COSMOTE, ORANGE, VODAFONE Romania.

If you make a donation using prepaid services, a 2 EUR donation will be taken from the customers’ prepaid balances. For this transfer you need to have at least 2 EUR balance.


Will VAT be charged on these donations?

If you pay monthly bills to ORANGE, there will be no VAT charged on your 2 EUR donation. You will be able to see your donation on the next monthly bill in the cost section of no VAT charges.
If you are a prepaid service customer of COSMOTE or ORANGE, the VAT has been charged when getting your prepaid credit, so the amount withdrawn for donation will be of 2 EUR.

For those Vodafone customers who pay monthly bills, there will be not VAT charged on their SMS donation. In the case of prepaid services, the amount paid by the donor and transferred from Vodafone to HIFA Association is 1.61 EUR. The remaining 0.39 EUR represents the VAT rate.


Other means of assistance

In case you would like to support us, but you cannot do this via SMS, you can make donations in our bank accounts RO03RNCB0188034979810002 for EUR and RO30RNCB0188034979810001 for RON. You can also buy brick coupons, works of art, handmade objects, publications everyday between 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00 in the office of the association from Tg. Mureş, str. Enescu nr. 2 (near the Cultural Palace) or you can call us on 0744959990.


Thank you!