Together for each other

HIFA Romania, together with the Olympikus Sportsclub and the Association of the Social Reintegration of People with Disabilities invites you to join the following events:

Hidden pearls III. – Exhibition of handworks and paintings of people with disabilities
(location: Deus Providebit House, Piaţa Trandafirilor 61., Tg. Mureş)

4 October 2013
17.00 Opening of the Exhibition
17.30 Book Launch – György Emőke: Lélekmorzsák (poems) [Crumbs of the soul]

5-11 October 2013
10.00-18.00 Visiting the Exhibition with the Possibility of Purchase

7-11 October 2013
10.00-16.00 The Interactive Island of People with Disabilities in the Society – the visitors can experience what it is like to have motoric, visual or auditory disabilities. They can hear stories of famous people with disabilities, try out tools of disabled people and they can also “loan” people with disabilities from our Living Library for a walk, a conversation, a wheelchair dance or even for an ice-cream etc.

The Olympikus Cup VII. – for people with disabilities
5 October 2013
11.00 Sport Competition (location: Sport School, Tg. Mureș)
19.00 „PARA” DANCE – dance performance, Borsy Ádám singer (location: The Palace of Culture, Tg. Mureş)

You are welcome to join us!