Wishes and dreams

On the initiative of the local authorities of Tg. Mures, with the support of MuresFly Club and HIFA Association-Romania two people with disabilities will have the opportunity to fly at The Flying Festival on 19th October 2013 organized by MuresFly (Tg. Mureş, str. Libertăţii, nr. 120).

Some people just dream to fly. And there are those who don’t even dare to dream about this. This time the dream becomes reality for two disabled people, who will try out the joy and the emotion of flying. The precedent possibility is trying to reach inaccessible areas. That is why it is indicative of a message. By trying to extend to inaccessible areas, a message is sent toward the society: disabled people are capable of fighting, defeating and throwing away the prejudices of a society. They show that the sky is no limit.

It will be a day dedicated to the sensitization of the community, because the two people will fly for HIFA Park in order to support the building of a Care and social Centre for disabled people. Those who want to support the HIFA Park SMS Campaign can send a 2 euros SMS with no taxes at 8845. The SMS should contain the following text: PARC HIFA. The HIFA Park campaign takes place with the support of COSMOTE ROMÂNIA, ORANGE ROMÂNIA, VODAFONE ROMÂNIA.

Thank you!

Click HERE for the photos of this event.