Report about HIFA PARK


Dear Friends!

In the winter of 2013 a few people have asked me to undertake the management of HIFA Park in order to ensure a successful implementation. At that time I had little knowledge of the project. I did not know the details of the implementation plan nor the steps that have been already taken so far. I managed to recognize its strengths and weaknesses in a few weeks and then from January 2014 I officially became the project manager of the HIFA Park. In the first quarter of the year we finalized the pre-studies and asked for the necessary permits for the construction. The preparation of the pre-study determined a detailed budget on the investment, and the economic indicators, which will work as the basis for the HIFA Park. In the 2014-2020 Regional Development Plan of Mures county, the implementation of HIFA Park appeared as a priority project, which we considered a great success. These steps were necessary to compile a successful application that we wanted to tender before the expiration of the tender deadline.

March 2014 was also a successful completion of the second SMS campaign.

Between July-September 2014 we started the preparations for the construction, we built up the guard’s room and prepared for the huge investment in an appropriate infrastructure. The implementation of the project consists of two phases. Firstly, the finalization of the Social Home, which provides permanent housing for 75 disabled people and then the Respiro Center, which would provide temporary housing for about 130 people in 69 rooms. The total construction time is 36 months and the project’s budget is 5,208,400.00 EUR without VAT.

With the help of ROMFALSZ we managed to take the first steps in construction and to layout a part of the area, which is a huge accomplishment. At the same time, with the help of experts, we built the roof of the engine-house and the gate. Expenses for this purpose in 2014 were of 33709 EUR. Our income for this purpose in 2014 was of 11220 EUR.

In parallel with the necessary administrative and business plan development, we contacted several foreign organizations to offer partnership and ask for support. Here we have also achieved successes.
I am convinced that we will successfully close this project and hopefully we can report greater successes in the near future. Until then, I wish you all strength, perseverence and a life full of love and joy.

Yours faithfully,
Sarolta Besenyei