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Social assistance of OPEN HEARTS Information, Integration and Awareness Centre
Individual psychological, psychosocial and legal counseling by phone, via the internet or personally;
Activities facilitating employment;
Professional and non-formal education;
Community awareness activities.

Telephone counseling – every working day between 8-22 hours telephone number – 0744959990

image4Community awareness activities: LEARN DIFFERENTLY! Interactive islands about disabled people program
The program is organized by us with the help of our members to raise society awareness.
The purpose of the program:
As the title suggests, these islands help in an interactive play the participants to get to know the way of life of fellow people with disabilities. The islands offer the chance to present the following:

  • sign language, which is used by people with hearing disability;
  • Braille writing and -reading, and the typewriter making the life of the blind easier;
  • recognizing and identifying smells and tastes blindfolded;
  • blindfolded beading and shaping modelling dough, relying on touch;
  • changing places in wheelchair;
  • walking around with the help of a white cane;
  • trying out the accessibility of buildings;
  • the LIVE LIBRARY, whose main function is to show that people with disabilities, in spite of the barriers they face, are capable of living a full life as valuable members of the society.

With the help of these islands a more profound communication takes place between people with and without disabilities.
The target group
We visit public institutions and education facilities by appointment. Similarly, education facilities, public institutions or social groups may take part in events organized by our Association by appointment.

Contact person:
Éva CSATA, Phone nr. 0752062121